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26.02.2019 · Neem oil and Neem pills is known to be 100% effective when it comes to birth control! Here are some methods I use and I’ve learned from others who also use this product. Neem as a Birth Control by: Anonymous I have searched for natural methods of birth control, and when I came across neem I decided to try. My boyfriend began taking 1000 of neem a day, for 5 weeks, recommended by and we used neem oil as lubricant and spermicide.

Neem oil that is used for birth control in the post coital stage does not change the hormone but there is a change in the organs that makes the pregnancy difficult. Tewari, 1989 Bardham, 1991 Neem as Birth Control for Men. Neem can be a truly effective birth control pill for men. Riar, 1988. documented method of birth control in India goes back to. Neem oil also caused resorption of some embryos between day 8 pc and day 18 pc. In neem oil-treated mice.

Neem can be used in the form of oil, leaves and powder for birth control purposes. Neem oil is very effective in preventing pregnancy in women. If a small amount of neem oil is injected at the point where uterus and fallopian tubes meet, then it can stop the fertility for a full year in women. Neem oil has also been shown to work well both before and after sex while some purified extracts only worked before sex as a preventative. Riar et al, 1991 Neem oil appears to be the most effective form of neem for birth control, particularly hexane extracted neem oil. Neem oil appears to be a safe and very effective contraceptive, pre and post coital before and after sex. The way it was applied in the studies it was 100% effective in preventing pregnancies. During in vitro experiments, neem oil also totally immobilized sperm cells within 20 to 30 seconds of being in contact with neem oil. Neem oil also serves as a good natural lubricant during intercourse. However, one should always note that like every other spermicide, neem oil alone may not work 100% of the time and can always be combined with another form of birth control like the male or female condoms. Advantages of neem oil as a contraceptive. Neem leaves can be helpful as a natural method of birth control. Neem leaves, extract of neem leaves and neem oil can all be used. Neem oil can be helpful in killing sperm in the vagina within 30 seconds, and remains active for the next 5 hours. Along with acting as a lubricant, neem oil.

Is neem oil a natural spermicide? Share Tweet Pin It Good Advice. by Lisa Elaine Held, October 2, 2011. Word on the street is that some women are using neem oil as a natural birth control method. In fact, neem oil can kill sperm in the vaginal region within just 30 seconds. For men, ingesting neem leaf tablets for one month produces reversible male anti-fertility. Even daily oral doses of neem seed oil in gelatin-capsule form can also be taken as birth control. Using neem as a birth control method does not affect sperm production or libido.

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