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It's important to know what fish can live with bettas. Ok please help I’m buying a $40 elephant ear fighter fish it is going in a 23 gallon tank with plants and rocks can I keep him with neons or will the neons rip his fins thanks. Reply @BettaInfo August 10, 2014. Can betta fish live with guppies? There is no short answer to this question. But the answer does lean closer towards YES. However, there are so many circumstances that need to be considered. Such as how aggressive or placid your betta is, how big your tank is, and what other fish you have in your tank. Live Fish. Ensuring welfare of fish in our care is vitally important to us. Under usual retail circumstances, tropical fish are imported from overseas and transported to a quarantine system. They are subsequently transported to a retail shop, and further transported to your home aquarium. Coast Gem USA has The Best Prices & Selections Of Giant, Koi, Halfmoon & Crowntail Betta Fish in The U.S.A. But Don't Take Our Word for it! Take a Look at Our Collections and See For Yourself!

10.12.2019 · How to Take Care of a Betta Fish. Bettas, also known as "Siamese fighting fish", are popular pets recognized for their aggressiveness, interactivity, and low cost for care and maintenance. Betta fish can prove to be your best friend for. Betta Fish Natural Habitat Where Do Betta Fish Live In The Wild? Yes, and to be precise, the Betta fish is native to the Mekong basin in countries such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Betta fish in their natural habitat can most often be found in still or standing waters. 30 Betta Tank Mates List Of Fish That Can Live With Bettas There’s a lot of information on the internet that says that you can’t keep bettas with other fish. That they’re too aggressive and if you did try, it would result in death and injury. Madison, female betta fish can live together in something called a sorority tank. A sorority tank has to be at least 10 gallons and have lots of hiding spaces. Due to how complicated this living enviroment can be this type of tank isn't recommend for beginner aquarist. Catelyn. December 28, 2015 8:k AM.

Online Live Aquarium Fish for sale in Australia - live aquarium fish delivered directly to you throughout Australia with a live aquarium fish arrival policy 100% Live Aquarium Fish Guarantee. Feeder guppies are bred for food for larger fish and don’t have the bright coloring or long fins like the fancy guppy. This makes them an ideal fish to live with a betta. Guppies are also content living on their own, so adding one as a tank mate is easier than schooling fish. The Siamese fighting fish or as they are known to many Bettas are small, vibrantly coloured tropical fishes that have captured the hearts of fish lovers around the globe. Their natural habitat are ponds, streams, swamps, rice paddies, even drainage ditches. They adapt well because of their labyrinth organ, allowing them to take in surface air.

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